Jussi Brightmore | UX Designer

My Process

Designing the Right Thing


Designing Things Right

My design methodology comprises a multitude of processes that progress the project from a starting point of deep questioning, through research and analysis to form a solid foundation from which to build gratifying solutions for the user and business that are validated by rigorous testing.


Research and Discover

I map the domain landscape, conducting competitive analysis to ascertain market trends and evaluate direct rivals and indirect competitors whose services may employ interesting solutions to satisfy proximal user needs.

Using this information I disseminate user surveys to collect quantitative research. From the objective statistical data this provides I recruit people from both the existing and target audiences with whom I conduct user interviews. contextual inquiry and task analysis. In these I draw out people’s stories to understand their motivations, needs and behaviours to generate new, or validate existing, knowledge that will guide subsequent development throughout the project.


Define and Synthesise

I synthesise user data into personas; conglomerate characters that represent key user types to continually test project development against to ensure the design process remains truly user centered.

Through techniques including concept mapping, affinity mapping, task analysis and experience mapping I uncover insights, themes and areas of opportunity, distilling user research into realistic scenarios that guide product development.

Narrowing the divergent discovery stage of the project I find the crux of the problem the project aims to solve. This is defined in the problem statement, the ‘how might we..’ question, that my design process will answer.


Conceptual Design

I'm an advocate of radical collaboration, an efficient co-creative ideation technique developed by IBM Design Thinking; I bring together as broad a range of stakeholders as possible and create the perfect environment for the cross pollination of great ideas. I love drawing on my experience as an Art Workshop Leader to guarantee these sessions are great fun, produce valuable concepts and establish a deep shared understanding of the project’s goals that bridges departmental divisions while keeping users’ needs at it’s core.

I evaluate ideas make sure they answer the problem statement, refining them to establish functional requirements then to build user journeys and screen flows.


Information Architecture

Whether auditing an existing site or starting afresh, I organise the content of the interactive system with a solid understanding of the needs and capabilities of our users and the context in which our system is deployed.



I advocate a fail-fast approach and prototype rapidly from from hand sketched ideas to digitally produced clickable prototypes through frequent build, test, reflect cycles. Giving users tasks to perform or scenarios drawn from our ‘how might we…’ question to play out during testing keeps design development user centered.



Combining a toolkit of established UX process and methodologies and an empathetic approach to operate within business constraints I provide solutions that help users achieve their goals and drive business for the client.

I ensure the provenance of my work through accessible design specifications and clear style guidelines.