Jussi Brightmore | UX Designer


Project Case Studies

Taking ownership of a comprehensive set of UX processes, principles and methodologies from which to create valuable and rewarding experiences in both real-world client projects and the experimental realm of student projects has given me a solid foundation from which to continually learn and expand with confidence and enthusiasm in the sector.


Working at speed with Athlon's Design Lead, Client Partner, Technical Lead and Project Manager in direct communication with an international client in the academic sector I developed the UX design solution for a website currently receiving 150,000+ visits from 18 countries annually to engage users, offer them more content and increase the potential to generate and convert leads.

I defined requirements and revisions to the existing website using competitive analysis, data analytics, data insights and a skeleton conversion strategy package provided by the Strategy Lead then formulated and visualised concepts in low fidelity wireframes and rapidly iterated prototypes to realise a solution that satisfied both client and answered user needs.

Project under NDA

Client Project: O2 Telefonica World Chat

O2 have a new app to make international calls over their network and they needed to optimise conversion. This project encompassed a redesign of the app's information architecture and UI based on exciting user research discoveries.

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Client Project: MyTutor

The UK’s leading provider of online 1-2-1 school level tuition wanted to better match the needs of their students to the differing qualities of their 1000+ tutors. Through analysis of detailed user research we developed ‘Lucy’, a conversational interface embedded into the company’s website that ensures that the needs and personalities of student, tutor, parent and business alike are delicately and efficiently matched.

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Student project: KLM Geotainment

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ inflight maps services was extended with an app that soothes users’ complaints of disorientation during long flights and unrequited wanderlust curiosity by integrating geographical self-orientation and exploration functionality with inspirational travel information, film and music.

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Student Project: Feast Time

Created for the keen and ambitious cook who finds it hard to simultaneously time to perfection the cooking of every dish that makes up an entire meal; an app that comprises clearly distinct multiple independent timers to alert when key operations in the meal cooking process require action. Developed from the ground up to UI to provide an intuitive, innovative, ergonomic and eye-catching experience.

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